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Dentures Lawton, OK

At Stillwater Dental and Implants, our dentures are made with the highest quality to ensure the best results. We only work with the best of labs to deliver patient satisfaction of the highest standards!

Our dental team provides affordable full and partial dentures in Stillwater, OK and helps patients understand the benefits of permanent dentures. With extensive training and advanced state of the art equipment, Bridges Family Dentistry is recognized as a leading provider of dentures in Stillwater.

Some of the benefits or a denture or partial include; allowing you to chew better, getting the smile you always wanted, very cost-effective option to replacing several missing teeth, and improve your confidence!

FULL or COMPLETE DENTURES are designed for patients that are missing all of their teeth. With a complete denture, all of the missing teeth can be replaced.

PARTIAL DENTURES are designed for patients that are only missing some of their teeth. Partials dentures function by attaching securely to your existing natural teeth.

An INTERIM PARTIAL DENTURE also known as a “flipper” provide a temporary cosmetic solution until a more permanent solution can be completed. They are generally not used to provide chewing function and are designed for patients that are only missing one tooth, which is usually a front tooth.

An IMMEDIATE DENTURE is designed and delivered immediately following the extraction of your teeth and is used to provide a solution while your jaw and bone heals until a more permanent solution can be made. Immediate dentures can provide you with an amazing smile the same day as your extractions. Immediate dentures may need to be adjusted as your bone heals and depending on the fit, may even offer a long term solution after being adjusted.


To learn more about our tooth replacement solutions, contact us online or call our dental office at (580) 355-8300. Our team can discuss with you in detail our several different types of denture treatment options available to help you make an informed decision about your smile and oral health.

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